Children 9+ Dining plan meals


We are all set to go in 3 weeks.
We purchased the Disney dining plan.
My 10 year old likes many items from the adult menu.
Will she be restricted to only the kids menu when ordering sit down or qs?

Thank you!

A 10 year old is a Disney adult! She can (and should) order from the adult menu if she wants to… you’re paying adult price.

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You may want to double-check whether Disney gave her the child price or the adult price. When making ADRs for my 9-year-old who will be 10 at the time of our trip, the Disney website was charging me the child price for the prepaid dining experiences even though they have her correct birth date (they knew she would be 10 in October). I’m unsure of what will happen when we order. I’d love to know if others have experienced this.

As of right now, the Quick Service meals have no classification, you just get X number of quick services to start with.

Hi, I have the same issue. My son was 9 when we booked all our ADR’s with all the booking showing 3 Adults and 1 child but has now turned 10 so should be classed as an adult. I did ask the help line if this will be an issue but they said “No” a 10 year old is classed as an adult on tickets and food but a child for accommodation. We have cancelled and rebooked 2 meals now and on both it now shows 4 adults. So hopefully all be OK. we’ll be their October so here’s hoping all goes OK.

I thought it asks you when you get a quote and book it asks how old the children will be at the time of travel? If it was reported that they would be 10 then you would of been charged for adult DDP and there is no concern. It will only apply to table service credits because those are the only credits that are categorized by child and adult.

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The only reason you’d need to change reservations is if it’s a pre-paid meal. Otherwise you just tell them when you check in that everyone is 10 or over. When we’ve done split ADRs for large groups they really have no issue if the number of kids and adults on the reservation is slightly different from who actually sits where, because the server is ultimately the one who will be making the bill.

When I called DVC last year to let them know that they’d aged one of the kids wrong (she was being charged as a child even though she was turning 10 3 days before the trip) he just said “Oh, well Happy Birthday then!” and didn’t change it, but we were using the deluxe plan so she could still order off the adult menu so it was a bonus for us.

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