Childless (Geriatric) Millennials are Home for the Holidays!

Speaking from experience … it is a little awkward going through Disney security with a bag containing your undies, pj’s, and toiletries! But I’ve done it more than once and then stashed it in a locker! Have so much fun today! Is the gingerbread house thing today or tomorrow? And where?


Hahaha at first I thought I was going to squeak through by holding my water bottle out but I got flagged! iPad, glasses case, charger lol. Fortunately it was off to the side and no undies went flying! Locker was super easy and I walked right into the Menagerie!

I loved the Christmas tunes on the steel drum!

We have an 11am at Yak & Yeti but I’m starving! So I will start checking off my treat list…


Mine was at Disneyland and they are still checking every bag there. :roll_eyes: I also had a sleeping bag with me once that I was bringing down for my daughter! I told security I was planning on spending the night in the castle. I don’t think they found it as humorous as I did! :joy:


We have a Miles too!
(But our Miles is 6’2" now.)


The menagerie and the live musicians are such a great addition to AK for the holidays.


Did you find them?

Just inside the tapstiles on the left.

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This was fabulous! I feel like the raspberry coating with the jimmies is just the extra oomph that the bar needs.

And lunch was no slouch!

Tonight is the Gingerbread contest! And TP just responded to me that they will be out at 5:15 so I don’t have to be late for dinner.


Yep, thanks! Super easy.

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I missed who you are with today?


Tuna nachos?

I really wanted to try them during my first Yak & Yeti experience in October, but dd wouldn’t have eaten any and I don’t think I could tackle it by myself.

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Maybe I’ll try it! Thanks for the review!

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At AK I’m with DH’s cousin who lives in Florida. He will join us tomorrow too! I shall experience true solo later today at MK!

Yes! I was going to get them alone but fortunately Jeff agreed to split. It could be done if you are hungry and skip some of the wontons and just go for the tuna! But they were great!


Accomplished EE, the Bird show, Harambe drummers and Winged Encounter!

I’ve just walked over to the bus depot and immediately walked into a Contemporary bus that pulled away as I sat down! Score one for the buses! See you soon MK!


Oh I forgot about Kite Tails! It was WAY better than I expected! I enjoyed it and really liked the music. I couldn’t help but focus the the jet ski folks. The work looked so intense! The drivers had heads on a swivel looking where they were going and at the kite. And the kite people looked so strong. Not a bad way to spend 15 minutes! My kids would have liked it!


That looks delicious. Love Y&Y!! Looks like your first day is going great so far! Enjoy the solo time!!!

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Boo, Wilderness Lodge drop off first on the bus. Nice AC at least.

Day to evening transformation thanks to the Wave restrooms! Showers were closed at the pool but I think I smell ok!

So DHs car died on his way up to MHT… Thank God my parents are in town to rescue him but it seems like it might be a close call on timing. Ugh I can’t do anything from here so I will try to forget by heading over to meet some TP peeps!!


OMG so beautiful!!

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Oh no!!!



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Ok DHs phone is in Nashua so we’re looking ok!

And I’m in the happy place!