Childless (Geriatric) Millennials are Home for the Holidays!

My evening preamble for your enjoyment. You may remember us from our summer escapades at Disneyland Paris or a couple of previous WDW Halloween adventures. I gave birth to all the blond curls and eyelashes pictured below. I’m Melissa, the boys are Miles and Carson and my husband Dan is the photographer always behind the camera.

Woody’s deputy on the left has come a long way since his first trip.

Now that I’ve drawn you in with pictures of cute kids: the bad news. They’re not coming! I realize I’ve lost a bunch of you now. Maybe you’ll come back when I post pics from MVAH? I have been pleasantly surprised to see so many kid-free trip reports in the past few weeks so I know we aren’t alone! We’re very blessed and privileged that my kids are actually SUPER excited to spend the next 5 days with their Nana and Papa. So it’s very much a win, win all around.

The plans… I almost titled this report “DVC does NOT save you money!” Ha! We bought a BWV contract in late 2020 that had some banked points. Now we’ve always been in a borrow situation so I was really nervous to “lose” these points. Somewhat at the last minute we decided to try and find a weekend around Christmas to test the holiday waters. The very day I decided to book I found one sunday night in a standard studio at BLT and booked that thinking I would stalk and try to get something on Crescent Lake. But as our plans started to take shape this ended up working out perfectly!

Our kids are somewhat early risers and definitely early sleepers, so they can barely make the regular fireworks let alone an after hours event. So DH and I decided to splurge on VMAH! It was super expensive and I would definitely not pay that price for my kids but this felt like a cool opportunity for us. We are using the party as our park day so originally only each had two days of tickets. Then I saw that @len was hosting a Gingerbread House contest on our arrival day. So one thing led to another and now I fly out at 6am tomorrow morning to get a full park day on Wednesday! Poor DH has to stay home for the kids and to do 3/4 a day of work.

So follow along to see how I and DH survive 2/3 straight park days but then have a nice relaxing weekend of no parks capped off with VMAH Sunday evening! Looking forward to DS Saturday morning and evening with a monorail crawl on Sunday with perhaps some meetups along the way.


Have a great time!



You mean stalking the DVC site is a thing? And it can make plans come together?? :smiley:

OMG I am SO jealous!!!

I am so looking forward to following this trip!!!


Trips without kids can be just as fun for us as it is for you! Enjoy!


so fun!




Goooood morning from Logan airport! Sitting at my gate already at least a half hour early. No lines no waiting here. I feel so nimble just me and a backpack lol. Decent amount of families in Mickey gear! Saw a cute Loungefly. There’s a mother and young teen son in matching sweatshirts that I aspire to be someday!

I haven’t ridden alone on a plane in a long time. Do I read, watch a show or just bask in the calmness?

Still looking gorgeous :heart_eyes:


Safe travels and have a magical trip! I can’t wait to follow along! DH and I have been going to WDW w/o our kids for a few years now and it is glorious.


I avoided Logan for so long but I have come to appreciate it. Safe travels today!


We were impressed with our experience there last month. They are doing better?? Flying BOS again in January. Might be a thing (MHT is ridiculous lately!)

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I am booked again JetBlue out of Logan in February, and will book my July trip the same way. I have always loved MHT and my son had a great experience out of MHT in September but I don’t think I will even look at that airport for my travel these days.

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I choose read. Safe journey and have an amazing time!

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I’m so happy for you! DH and I are leaving our littles behind in February. Your trip will be awesome!!

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Safe travels @melcort10 :flight_departure:


This is what I’m flying and it’s been great! We’ve been SW only the past few years since we got the companion pass and the free bags are nice with the kids. (I’m flying home into MHT with DH.) But they took away most of the direct flights with MCO and our pass finally expires this year. We are actually closer to Boston and I got here in 26 minutes with no traffic! Plane is new and has “flyfi” lol. I think I’ll open a JetBlue card next year for our Nov trip.

So I quickly downloaded some books last night including a Christmas Hercule Poirot mystery and little did I realize that is was a short story haha. So I read that and am watching Meet Me in St. Louis. A great Disney/Christmas combo!


I just watched that at the weekend!!! Enjoy!

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Sounds like an excellent compromise!

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Ok people, I’m on the ground! Where are the lockers at AK?


Nice and sunny for my first ride of the day!


Me too! We have to make it happen!