Childcare question

Looking into the “nanny service” where they come to your room and watch your child. I have questions: I would hope being Disney they have safety precautions but what are they? I’m leaving my child with a total stranger- I need to know she’s ok!! What’s this service actually called? How do I find out how much it is? Do I pay when I schedule or the person directly the day of? Anyone used this and have feedback/suggestions?

Can I leave money for this person to take her to breakfast?

I’ve never used it.

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Another possible option is the kids club at the Swan and Dolphin. I would personally feel much more comfortable having my daughter in that setting, with other kids to play with and lots of stuff to do. :slight_smile:


I’ve been very nervous about it but needed to figure out an option. I’ve finally found one of my friend’s daughters who is going to go with me! I’m paying part of her way in exchange and even happier that hopefully everyone has a good time!
Thank you!!!


I see you’ve found an alternate solution, but I’m replying in case it’s useful for someone else…

I used this service (Kids Nite Out) for my daughter in August 2017 when she was just about to turn 1. I booked it in advance over the phone and I believe I paid by credit card at that time, but I also received a statement at the end of the night to confirm the number of hours actually worked. They contacted me before the day of the service with the sitter’s name and number. When she arrived at the hotel, they called the room and then she came upstairs.

Our sitter was very professional. She followed all instructions you provide on feeding, bedtime, etc. We were happy with the service and would use them again and recommend to others.


Thank you!!! I might be back to using a sitter as that the person I thought would go is having anxiety about flying.