Child table service credit for take out?

Can we use a child’s Table Service credit for take out? My parents will be babysitting the kids at the resort (BWV) one night while DH and I grab dinner. DH and I will obviously be using two TS credits but my parents were planning to feed the kids in the room (probably DS9 and DD6 sharing their meals with DS2!). Is it possible for them to order to-go meals from one of the boardwalk restaurants and using the child TS credits? Otherwise we will have two extra at the end of our trip. (Wasn’t sure if those are dine-in only!)

The TS restaurants don’t really do take out.

I think you can use TS credits for the room dining, but it’s costly IIRC. 2 credits per pizza, for example.

You can also use a TS credit for a QS meal. It’s not a good value but better than wasting the credits.

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