Child Swap Question

Quick question, I have two daughters, ages 6 and 3, the youngest should be tall enough to do rides like splash mountain and seven dwarfs mine train. She is a bit of a daredevil so my guess is she will want to do them. My wife has a bad back and may not be able to do those rides, is it possible to do child swap where I individually take each of them on so I can sit next to them while riding?

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Should be fine. You may need to swap wristbands after the first ride with your wife though since she’ll have the swap pass on her account.

I would think if you can’t fit all three of you in a ride vehicle, then they would allow you to switch.

They may do it as a rider switch, where you get it added to your magic band before you ride the first time.

Or since all will be tall enough to ride, they may allow you to switch out at the point of boarding. If your DW is unable to wait in line then let them know.

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Keep in mind some rides can do 3 to a row, Splash in particular my step-son ans his wife did with their 3 year old.


This is what you need to know. Rider swap is a pain for whoever waits. Any time you can avoid it, do it.

Splash and BTMRR you can fit 3 in one row. For 7DMT, ask the CM if they’ll let you ride if you’re all in the same car.

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In my experience there are 2 situations that they allow you to use a rider switch… (1) You have 1 kid that is not tall enough and both parents want to ride with the other child, your child that is tall enough gets to ride twice. (2) In a single parent type situation, the parent wants to ride with both children but can only ride with one at a time.