Child Swap Card

We are traveling with a group of 8. 6 adults and 2 short children, it would be my sons family of 5 who have the small children and My wife, Daughter and me who would tour while the babies take a nap. Can we split our group into two and receive two child swap cards? How long are the children swap passes good for? Do standby and fastpass lines work the same? Could we use them later in the week when we are touring without the children for a smaller group of 3? I want to maximize the time in the park for the small children and use the rider swaps when it is just me, my wife and daughter.

I wish I could help. Hopefully, someone with first hand experience will give you some advice. Sounds like it will be a great family trip!!

Yes you can split group into two. The passes are good until the 30th or 31st every month so yes you can use them later. You just return to the FPP line and go in on your return. It is a great way to benefit from having kids. Also the pass is only good for 3 so make sure you split up and get two.
Here is one that I have that I got 2 weeks ago


Here are some tips for how I've found to exploit, er, take advantage of rider swap

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