Child Not Tall Enough to Use His Own FP

It will be too close to call whether my child will be 44 inches for our trip at the time we book our FP’s. What happens if I book his FP (for Expedition Everest, for example) and it turns out he is not tall enough? (I would hate to not book him for it in the event he would be tall enough.) Will a CM give him a FP to use elsewhere that day? I’ve seen the “tall enough to ride certificate” thread but am not clear on whether that has to be used after the kid gets to the designated height for that ride or if it can be used immediately. Thanks in advance!

I don’t know of this ride certificate you refer to. My understanding is that it is at the discretion of each CM.
We had this happen a few times last trip. DH or I just borrowed her band and rode 2x. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll need to swipe his band to clear it from the FPP system or else wait until the FPP expires before you’ll be able to make more fast passes.

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You can modify his FP to something else or scan and not ride or scan and someone else rides in his place. They do sometimes give a little card that is for a FP entrance when they return and are tall enough. It is for that specific attraction during a future visit. It is at CM discretion. My niece received one in AK for primal whirl.

If your son is close (like a 1/4 inch or so away, have him practice standing very straight, stretching his neck up, put him in thicker soled shoes, etc. If he knows beforehand how to “maximize” his height, he may be able to get on the ride easier.


Thanks! Great idea. :slight_smile:

Yep. My teenager had a pair of “theme park” tennis shoes that had a sole about 1/2 inch tall for then we were on the bubble. I know they make the height restrictions mostly for age-appropriateness but also to fit properly in the ride vehicles, but I never worried much about an inch or less.