Chicken Out Spot?


Is there a chicken exit on Tower of Terror? Or is there a way my husband could stand in line with us and exit at the last minute? Our 4yo may possibly be tall enough to ride it. I’m concerned she’ll beg to go, but after she gets inside and sees all the “spooky” stuff, she may want to back out. I’m wondering if hubby could stand in line with us and then chicken out at the last minute? He HATES Tower of Terror so he could only be standing in line to take her if she chickens out. I’d hate for the 10yo to miss it because we had to leave the line with his sister.


There’s a chicken exit on virtually everything. Sometimes you have to clamber across and out (Splash, BTMRR etc) but you can always opt out of riding.

But yes, there’s a chicken exit! I fully intend to at least do the queue next time I go …


A CM will escort you to an exit just before the rest of the group enters the dropping elevator. No problem. Just ask.


Yes my wife and son did that, very easy.


Thank you all! Another question - is it too late at that point to get a rider swap if we’re in line for a ride both adults want to ride?


That’s a great question! You used to get the rider swap tickets as you load. I am curious to heard if anyone has experience with this and the new system.


We were able to obtain a RS at that point but this was before the electronic RS rolled out so I don’t know if they handle it differently now. Before, my oldest walked through the queue and got out before we loaded into the drop elevators. My dad went with her and they let him come right back up the elevators after my husband and I rode with our son.


I can’t believe that in all the years I’ve been going to Disney, unable to ride ToT (or other rides with jerks and drops) that I never thought of doing this. Thanks for the idea!


Am I understanding this correctly? I can go through the queue and even a portion of the beginning of the ride before the group enters the dropping elevator? I cannot do the falling thing, I pass out… very embarrassing, but I would love to participate in a portion of the ride, if possible!


Yes. That is correct.


Absolutely. When I went through the queue with my husband and granddaughter, I rode down the chicken exit elevator with a group of six. Don’t pass up a good pre-show just because you can’t do the drop.


There is a chicken exit. As you use it, the crowd is encouraged to laugh and point at you and call you names to ensure maximum humiliation, with the ultimate goal of bringing you to tears.

So, yeah. No problem at all.


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