Chicken exit on TOT

DH and I love TOT, our kids not so much…kids are 8 and 12 so I don’t really want to leave them alone the whole time we are waiting/riding it. We will use a FPP so wait shouldn’t be too terrible. If we have them come in line with us and they chicken out, can they go down the exit by themselves? or will we be forced out of line/off ride too?

My DS was allowed to exit by himself last year (he was 10 at the time). They took him down a regular elevator that exits at the same location the ride elevators do. There are some benches there near the photo viewing area. I felt comfortable letting him exit on his own.

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perfect -thx! That will be our plan!

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Just as an aside, my DS6 rode ToT and loved it. Years before, my DD who was either 6 or 7 at the time rode ToT. She actually was less scared than her brothers who were much older! She ultimately wanted to ride it again.

I think that the older you are, the more scared you become. :slight_smile: This is simply to say, your kids at those ages might really like the ride.

my DS has done it on both previous trips and my DD did it on the last trip and they both say no way-never again - but I hope they change their minds!

Ah. Well, with prior experience like that for them, it will probably be difficult to convince them this time around.

After 20 years, I finally convinced my wife to ride it two years ago. (She was actually doing it to convince our DS6 to ride it, who agreed to give it a try ONLY if Mom went on it.) My wife did it and found it wasn’t nearly as bad as she had made it out to be. I think she’ll do it again next time we go! :slight_smile:

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That’s tricky. My DS rode it the first year he was tall enough (around 4 I think) and said never again. We finally convinced him on our trip in May to try it again and he loved it. He is 11. So it took years for him to overcome his initial fear. We never forced him to do it all those years because I didn’t want to be one of those parents.

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I’m good with the idea that my 12yo will never ride it. He has some major sensory issues along w/ anxiety that can be severe… and the drop on ToT basically tells his brain he is going to DIE…and not in the fun adrenaline adventure kind of way. Same for Everest, RNRC and Space.

My goal next week is to get him to try SDD and 7DMT. If he can muster up the bravery to try them, I’ll be a happy mom.

I have no trouble being one of those parents. :slight_smile:

Actually, I consider myself an expert at getting people to ride things they are otherwise afraid of. I also am good at determining what I think might be too much too soon, which would undermine the entire endeavor. The biggest key is to not promise them that there is nothing scary about the ride, but instead forewarn them about anything that might be scary so that they are prepared for it. Being scared is part of the experience. Gotta embrace that.

I think there is some truth to this! My kids are 12 & 10 and really deep thinkers…and they’ve heard some passing comments about ToT and Guardians at DL…and don’t want to ride it “yet”, lol.

I bet a CM would even let the kids stay with them at the loading/exit area if you asked?

Just be sure to tell them that they will be put in a normal regular average elevator to get to the chicken exit. My mom panicked and refused to get in because she was sure they were going to drop her 13 floors if she did! :laughing:


that’d be awesome

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haha - good to know!

My 7 yr old chickened out of it last April. I went down with him. My 12 yr old rode it alone and loved it.

I’d be comfortable letting them go down the elevator and wait on the benches if they were together. The wait will only be 5-7 minutes if I remember correctly how long we waited for my son to exit the ride.

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Thanks for not being one of those parents. I had that parent and was in my teens before I was able to tell an adult that I did NOT want to do something that made me uncomfortable. As far as I am concerned it is a form of child abuse. You may think you are just preparing your child for life but it is torture for some. My dad was just trying to get me to conquer my fear. Didn’t work and I am more than willing to advocate for a kid when I see an adult trying to make them do a “thrill” ride and they don’t want to.
I did the pre-show for TOT (with my DH and DGD6) and then took the chicken exit with a nice college boy whose friends were trying shame him into riding. We had a group of half a dozen of us taking the special exit that day. Nice benches and plenty to look at in the gift shop. :smile:

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