Chef's Table V&A Time

Does anyone know how long the Chef’s Table usually lasts for Victoria and Albert’s. With EEMH starting the week we are there, I want to make sure that I don’t fall asleep on an expensive plate of food.

I haven’t personally checked that one off the list…but the reviews I’ve read say 4-5 hours…

We have never been able to book the chef’s table, but we dined in the Queen Victoria room in October 2017. Our reservation was for 6:00 PM, we left the restaurant at 11:30 PM. The whole experience was amazing!


Our timing was similar.

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The website says “approximately 3 hours”. I believe @keithlovesbeerandwaf is the Liner who has done it most recently and will hopefully chime in. I will be able to tell you after January 27th :smiley:

Is there more to it than the meal, because sitting at a table for 5 hours is about 3 hours too long to me!

It is a 10 course experience!! Worth every minute!!

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As PP said, it’s a 10-course meal (with optional wine pairing). We were there with another couple, brother- and sister-in-law. We just relaxed and let ourselves be pampered. Honestly the time flew by.

We arrived at 530p and left after well after 10p… But that also included a break for fireworks at the dock. We took our time and ate slowly, but I’m sure they’d match your pace if you ate quickly.

I hadn’t even thought about the break for fireworks. great idea!

Fortunately, it was just before dessert, so it helped to have a digestion break, anyway. We ordered another round of drinks and went down about 30 min before they started, found seats, and enjoyed the show.

I forgot that you were able to do that. They weren’t concerned that you were going to dine and dash? :wink:
(Probably not, as you did secure the reservation with a credit card.)

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Naw… it’s pretty easy to catch folks who already have eight courses in their bellies.


There was no way we’d leave before my wife got to have her magic coffee show.