Chefs de France opinion

I haven’t seen much good. We have an ADR for dinner to satisfy DD3.5 desire to meet Remy of Ratatouille. Worth it???

Sadly, Remy is no longer there :(.

Really enjoyed my meal there two years ago, but as @kkr3 mentioned, Remy does not appear any longer at the restaurant. That was a really cute addition to the meal and I was sorry to hear that they removed it.

Bummer! Glad I asked!

We went there this trip bc my mom
Is a Francophile and DS and I like french food. I warned him it wouldn’t be like what we get in Chicago. It was pretty good but it’s pretty mainstream “french”. DS was really upset that he had to order off the kids menu (DDP) and they didn’t have anything good (he usually gets duck rillette and french onion soup) so we compromised by giving him some of my food off the adult menu. The profiteroles for dessert were exquisite and delicious. And if you like the bistro atmosphere, it’s delightful. My mom spoke french the entire time and loved it but agreed the food was pretty safe.

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Have only had lunch there, and to me the only thing “French” about the food was the names. So unimpressed with lunch, I have never wanted to try dinner there (although the menu does appear to be a bit more “French”. Monsieur Paul, upstairs, has very good French cuisine.

Loved it @MrsCindy_Charming! Would gladly do it again. I had the french onion soup and penne with gruyere. Delicious!

Ate there once seven years ago and it was meh (in terms of food and service), so we didn’t go back for seven years. Went over July 4th weekend and the service was so bad (including removing a plate of food while my daughter was eating from it–fork literally in her mouth at the time-- and bringing out the check after we ordered desserts but before the desserts were served) that I don’t know if we’ll be back before another seven years.