Chef Mickey's

How far away is Chef Mickey’s from the Magic Kingdom?

We have 2 touring days at the Magic Kingdom. Is it worth going to Chef Mickey’s for a 7:40 am reservation on the first day of our tour? We will be there 11/13/15.

Thanks!! This can be so confusing to a newbie! =)

You can walk from Chef Mickey’s to the Magic Kingdom gates in about 10 minutes, possibly less.

I would absolutely take that 7:40 am time.

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As @Kevin_Krom stated above the walk is quick. You can take the monorail too, but walking would be quicker. The walk is very easy and safe on sidewalks.

Thanks y’all!!! =)

I do have another question - on an average, how long does a character meal take?

I have never done Chef Mickey’s, but have tried many other character dining experiences. I would plan on an hour. You’ll easily see all of the characters during that time, and at some places we would see the characters repeatedly. You can certainly try to hurry it along, or slow it down, depending on your preference. I have only felt rushed once at CP, but everywhere else has been the opposite - totally fine to take our time, though we are usually trying to hurry back to the parks.

Thank you! That helps with planning.

I would actually budget 75 minutes, but an hour is not unreasonable, either. Depends on the location, how crowded it is, and the pace the characters circulate around the room. My past visit to CM was pretty smooth in that regard - had a 7:30 am reservation, was seated about 10 minutes late, and walked over to MK just after the initial crush of rope drop (about 9:05).

Keep in mind that you can ask for the check as soon as you sit down when you’re at a buffet. That can help expedite the process when you’re leaving if you’re trying to make it to MK for RD.