Chef Mickeys vs 1900 Park Fare for 6 yr old twin boys birthday

Opinion question: we are heading to WDW in Jan and leaving about a week before our twins boys 7th birthday. We are staying at Bay Lake Tower and we are planning on making this a pseudo early birthday celebration. I’m thinking about having a birthday dinner on our last evening there. I’d like to stay close to our hotel since we usually pack up the night before we drive.

I’ve never been to either chef Mickeys or 1900 Park Fare. Does anyone have any experience with birthday celebrations at either place? Both of my kids still like all the things: Mickey, princesses, pirates, Star Wars, etc. so I think they would enjoy either one.

More info: so far I have reservations at Be Our Guest (dinner), Tiffins, ‘Ohana breakfast, Sci-go fine in, Garden Grille breakfast.

Are there any of those that do nice birthday celebrations?

Thank you!

I recommend putting birthday buttons on them and wearing them the whole week!

My DD12 still remembers the cupcake Minnie brought her at Chef Mickeys for her 3rd birthday. She has no memory of the fancier birthday dinner complete with the preordered birthday cake later that night.

My DS10 had his 5th birthday dinner at CP and they did a nice job of bringing him a signed birthday card from all the characters. We also had preordered a cake for this.

My DS wore his birthday button all week and got several extra cupcakes or greetings throughout our week at Disney.

I would probably pick Chef Mickey’s for the Birthday dinner but I have never eaten dinner at 1900 Park Fair.

Thank you!!! How do I get the buttons? Do I put a note on my reservation? How did you order a cake ahead of time at a restaurant? That is exciting to know.

Birthday buttons are pretty much in any store or at any counters (including the resort). We just ask for birthday buttons. Beware: every CM that will see the birthday button will wish them happy birthday. If your sons are shy or very introverted, sometimes it becomes too much. I love it, but my boyfriend cannot handle it.

Also, every TS usually asks two questions: Any allergies and Are you celebrating anything? Just answer birthday and the magic will happen!

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You can get birthday buttons at resort check in or at any of the parks guest services. They are free!
They do attract a lot of attention from CM so our DC would take them off occasionally. For our shy DD3 she only wore hers at the resturant on her actual birthday, that helped. My Ds5 wore his a lot and loved it.

As for the cake, they can be ordered through the cake hotline. Different cakes are available at different TS, my DD had a Mickey shaped cake and DS had a round cake with Cars decorations. It has been too long so I don’t know the hotline number or have a link anymore. Maybe someone else can chime in on how you order them now?

I have 3 boys, 9, 9, and 6 and they enjoyed 1900 Park Faire for dinner this past May. We thought the food was good and the step sisters were hilarious with my boys. We have not done Chef Mickeys, mostly due the bad reviews of the food and chaos.

We did Disney in 2016 during our twins 8th birthday. They had birthday pins. They and their little brother got some cupcakes and signed cards, but we didn’t make a big deal to the restaurant to receive those things. They were given at the server’s discretion.

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