Chef Mickey's/Reservation Question?

Hello all, welcome to my first post lol. We’re a party of 7 leaving for Disney in about 10 days. One of the big reservations we wanted was breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. I have alerts set up, I’ve been randomly checking every day, I’m trying different party sizes, and finally I got a reservation for 4. So now I have to look for a reservation for the other 3 of us around the same time, and that’s probably going to be even harder. If I can’t get one, do I have any other options?

We were thinking maybe the other 3 just trying to join the waitlist and we’ll try and time it so we go in around the same time, but I know others have said you have to show proof of a reservation to get in the hotel and they wouldn’t have one, so I don’t know. If you actually call the dining line are there generally different times available than what they show online?

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Hello @anm11x :wave:t3: Welcome!

Make sure you continue to look for a table for 4 as well while you try for your table for 3. Sometimes the website favours even numbered tables.

Hope you get your reservation :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Welcome! I would actually try and find a table for 6. You can add 1 person when you check in usually. I wouldn’t give up hope yet because people will cancel closer to the date and you’ll likely see availability the day or 2 before. Regarding entry to the hotel, the only time people have issue (sometimes they don’t) is arriving by car without a reservation. If you arrive by Disney transport you won’t have issue.


Have you looked for 8? A lot of times odd numbers don’t work with their system - and “add 1” is not always available.

I found space the day before I wanted it by checking for cancellations before the fee set in.

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Thanks for your replies, I had no idea about the even over odd thing, I’ve only been looking for 3. So maybe I’ll expand my search a little

Yeah. 3 will be seated at the same size table as 4. And you’re not charged the no-show as long as at least one person on the reservation shows up.

As a solo traveler I regularly search/book for 2. Never a problem.

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