Chef Mickey' much time will it take?

I have a 5pm reservation at CM. What time would I expect to be done there? I have a FP+ for 7DMT that ends at 7p and I’m wondering if I’ll make it there in time. I was wondering if the cast member try to rush you out of Chef Mickey’s.

Most character meals figure 90 mins once seated. It could take some time to get seated. I would try and find a later fpp if possible. In theory tou should be okay but the time it takes to get seated will be a fa tor. Then getiing back to the mk and through bag check. It seems like it will not happen.

Also remwmber with any buffet you can ask to pau the bill when you sit down because it is a fixed price so it is one less hold up.

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Thanks. I took your advice and was able to snag a later FP. I don’t want to spend my vacation rushing from one attraction to another.