Chef Mickeys Availability

My 60 day window opened today and I was unable to get a breakfast at Chef Mickey’s for any of the mornings we are there. We will be traveling with 3 little boys who would love to see Mickey…anyone have any tips or experiences with grabbing a res here? We are in total a group of 9 (grandparents, family of 4 and family of 3) so could split up and I’ve check that as well but no dice…

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Welcome! When I want a place that is full at first try I keep trying again on a daily basis. Sometimes several times a day. There is a reservation finder on the TP site too that I’ve tried before w/ good success. Disney World Dining Reservation Finder (

you do need a TP account to use this tool


I did sign up for the reservation finder, just wasn’t sure how much success that has…I am always a TP account holder for upcoming trips! I appreciate the science they bring being a big disney nerd :wink:


The Res Finder has a pretty good success rate, but it’s just someone checking daily for you, so I always have it running and check myself, for funsies.

But I ran into this too. It’s a bit odd, especially right now, that there’s absolutely nothing even at 60 days. There might not be a perfect time, but there’s usually SOMETHING. I’m not seeing anything come up at all for any time frame or party number I put in.

I realize this is not ideal because you won’t be able to plan for it, but on past trips I have found a fair number of guests cancel their ADRs 24-48 hours before the actual ADR. If you are unable to get a res I advance, I would recommend checked in that 24-48 hour period before your desired Chef Mickey’s day and something may pop up that works for your schedule.

Also, I have had good luck with the TP Res Finder tool in the past for Chef Mickey’s (and others), but have not used it since Covid.

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Sometimes they’re late opening up reservations - I had this for a number of ADRs on my trip last year, off the top of my head Ohana and Artist Point. It made me crazy, but I just checked back a few times every day and eventually they opened up - I think it was four or five days late.

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This happened to me recently as well. Luckily someone here posted in one of my threads that they opened later that day and I got one. It really seemed like they did not make the reservations available that morning, not just that they added some. So I would definitely keep trying! I’ve been shut out of chef mickey’s before, and able to get one even before the res. finder notified me, just by checking frequently- it almost becomes part of my routine with checking my emails and social media

I had the same experience as @erinkippen and @MagicFinder. I can’t remember which restaurant - either BOG or CRT. I set my alarm for 3:00 AM (Pacific time) to make the reservation and there was nothing open all day. It opened up either later that day or within a couple of days.


I don’t know that Chef Mickey’s is usually late to load - it was available towards the end of my Pres Week trip at my 60 day mark. But I’m talking my next-to-last day and for only 2 (really 1, but I make them all for 2 as I’ll be at a 2-top anyway). So yes, it does go fast.

If my calculations are correct, you’re looking at March 19 as your arrival which is in the season known as “rolling Spring Break” so it could be busier in terms of highly sought after ADRs (which CM being one of only 2 breakfast options with characters definitely is). People staying on property have been able to book for March 19 since Jan 8, March 20 since Jan 9, etc.

As others have said, set up the res finder (though know that when that notification comes you’re competing with everyone else who was searching for that time AND people just randomly looking as the finder does not hold the ADR) and keep looking on your own.

If Mickey is a priority, have you considered Garden Grill in Epcot for lunch or dinner as a back-up? Or Topolino’s which is the other breakfast - though that one seems harder to get than Chef Mickey’s…

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