Chef Mickey's 7:15am reservation

We booked Chef Mickey’s very early as we were expecting MK to open at 8am during the week we’ll be there, which is the week prior to Easter. As of now the park operating hours have not changed. Is there a way to make that reservation without relying on a taxi or Uber? Thanks.

I think the reservation buses (I’m assuming you’re on property) will be running early enough for you to make it - I think they start at 0630.

Thanks! Yes, we are staying at the Polynesian.

You should be fine :slight_smile: I would just ride the monorail over to the contemporary :slight_smile: You can check when you check in but normally they start` running at least an hour before rope drop and they have the preshow so I bet they will be running :slight_smile:

Monorail would have to start running pretty early for us to make it to the Polynesian at 7:15am.