Chef Mickey

I just made a reservation on our non-park day at Chef Mickey for 11:20 (breakfast technically) There website says they start serving lunch at 11:35am. Will we get to eat both lunch/breakfast at the breakfast price? Also, anyone that has eaten here is it any good? The reviews seem mixed. We have two boys ages 1 and 4. This will be our only character meal. Thank you!

Cannot say for certain, but by the time you are seated I imagine breakfast will not be there.

I just went on Sunday for the first day of brunch, and I’ll have a review up on the blog as soon as it gets approved. Here’s the breakfast and the brunch menus, so you can compare what you’ll see in the two meals. As you can see, there’s not a lot of difference, but if you absolutely have to have doughnuts or oatmeal, you’ll want to get to your reservation about 15-20 minutes early and hope they seat you before they pull those things off the buffet.

Overall, the meal was okay – nothing that I’d go back for, but not the worst meal I’ve had. My first comment when I was leaving is that you have to love mayo, cheese, salted meats, or eggs to really get your money’s worth. There are a few stand-out items (cheesy potatoes, Mickey waffles, and the desserts). It is a great opportunity to get a few minutes with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto, which can save you a lot of time in the parks.

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Looking forward to the review (pls post a link). We haven’t done Chef Mickey in a few trips and the kids were asking to go, but I’m not that impressed with the brunch menu so we may stick with dinner.

Here’s the review, hot off the waffle iron!


Thanks for posting your review. We have a reservation for brunch in a couple weeks and I haven’t been able to see the menu other places!