Chef Mickey question

We have reservations for Chef Mickey’s at 7:30 on a day with a 9:00 MK opening. Is it at all realistic to think we could make it over for the opening show at MK? If I can find a 7:15 reservation I’ll switch to that, but wondering how hard I have to try for that :).

I can’t vouch for Chef Mickey’s breakfast timing in particular (we did dinner last year and the characters came pretty quickly), but on our trip a couple of weeks ago all of the meals, took 20-60 minutes longer than my plan-budgeted 60 minutes or so eating times.

Akershus got us out 20 minutes later than I expected, but still beat the RD crowd. Kona was wonderful but took forever. PF1900 was a fast character meet, but monorail issues meant 20+ minute waits each way to get back to MK in addition to regular expected travel time.

Next time I will certainly be trying to get the earliest possible ADR time I can in relation to park openings and FPP times.

That being said, if you can’t change the ADR, on a good day with some purposeful walking it is possible.
Good luck and have a great trip!

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I know there’s a whole bunch of variables that can affect how long it could take - I thought maybe with it being a buffet (right?) we may be able to hustle it over to MK. And if we miss morning show we have another day planned for MK that we could get there for. I think I’ll keep watching for a slightly earlier time as we get closer. Again, thank you!

Finishing eating probably won’t be an issue, but you will want to wait for all of the characters to visit your table too. It is a special atmosphere!

We have never eaten breakfast but dinner has never taken longer than an hour. Also plan on walking to MK (takes 5-10 min tops) vs monorail which round trip takes 15 or more minutes which doesn’t count having to wait for it. Enjoy Chef Mickey’s! It is one of our favorites!

Also I forgot to mention, I would plan on arriving early as in arrive at 7 or 7:15 for your 7:30 reservation. They take a group photo before the meal which can take some time. We have arrived early and were seated on time (once even seated early) which will get you moving faster. I would also let your server know up front that you are planning on making the welcome show so ask for your check early.