Chef Mickey or Tusker House?


Hey everyone! I have another opinion question.
I originally had reservations at Chef Mickey and Ohana. When the dining plan for ROl was announced, I made reservations for Tusker House to get the package. So, in 7 days, we have THREE character meals and I'm wondering if that's too much.
If so, should I cancel Chef Mickey or Tusker House? I suppose I could use a FP on ROL, but I'd hate to waste it that way. Is it basically the same restaurant experience?


First question to ask is what would FastPass would you trade in for River of Light. Especially since that would mean no "day of" passes...since you'll be holding that last pass all day.


That is exactly why I don't want to do it. I kinda WANT all my FP' all honesty, I want MORE than the ones I have. So it would be really hard to work it out. I suppose I could just do both CM and TH, but I have tweens with me and I'm not sure if they're gonna be OVER Mickey and Minnie by then.


Then the decision is really "Rivers of Light/Tusker House" or "Chef Mickeys" or both. Since you have tweens, what do they want to do? If you skip one of them, what would you do instead during that time? How does this fit into your budget?


I've not had CM, but if you've never had TH, I highly recommend it! My DD loved it last year when she was 15.


This is our first Disney trip, so I am totally clueless about all of them. The first day we arrive, our family isn't coming in until about 6pm, so they aren't getting tickets for the day. We planned to just leave early from MK to meet them and head to CM. But I'm wondering if maybe we should just find something in Disney Springs for the night and cancel CM.

Any Disney Springs recommendations?


I would cancel Chef Mickeys and keep Tusker House. It is one of only a few character meals that my teens (13 & 15) like to do. The food is really good, with some unique offerings as well as traditional favorites. What time is your ADR? If around 10:30, you can have both breakfast and lunch foods for the cost of breakfast. Love it!
Disney Springs suggestions: Morimoto Asia was really good. Homecoming is also getting great reviews.


TH is the only CM that I will do - and it's because I like the food, not necessarily because of the characters.


The breakfast offerings at Tusker House are good.
Our character interaction was good at both CM and TH. CM food was just ok, IMO.
3 character meals in 7 days isn't bad, especially if you have youngsters. This keeps your park time free for attractions and not waiting in lines trying to meet characters.
I would keep them both. If you HAD to cancel 1, it would be CM for us. @ItaliAnna


We like them both, and actually have done both on several trips. We like them for different reasons. Chef mickeys is always the first meal we eat at Disney. It's just so Disney. it kinda throws you right into Disney and sets the mood for the trip. However, the food is really just ok, and many times the character experiences feel rushed. I've considered dropping it many times, but then when I'm planning, it just seems like a must do. Tusker house is amazing. I love the environment, culture, and details in that restaurant. The food is always very good (I would say a big step above chef mickeys) and the characters tend to spend more time and there are just better interactions.
Just my thoughts, hope it helps :+1:🏻


I ended up cancelling Chef Mickey and keeping Tusker House (lunch) and Ohana (breakfast). For the day we get there (that CM was scheduled for), I made reservations for Cape May Cafe.

I WANTED to do a character meal the first day to put us in the Disney mode, like Wenmoo said, but at the end of the day, Tusker House and ROL is just a better deal all around.


If you're thinking Disney Springs for a group...I'd recommend Ragland Road....good food, drink, and the entertainment is awesome...


I've heard good things about Cape May Cafe, let us know how you like it!