Chef Mickey Character Breakfast

Just wondering if anyone can comment on the time it takes to finish a meal at Chef Mickeys? We are planning for a breakfast at 7:00. Will it be an hour? Hour and a half? How much time do we allot for the meal?

I’ve been to Chef Mickey’s twice in recent years. Breakfast (with my sister, brother and law, and 8 month old nephew) was just over an hour. Dinner (with was cousin, his wife, and 6 year old son) took about an hour and fifteen minutes. In both cases, we met with all four characters.

I’d plan for an hour and a half. That should leave you extra time if you’re table isn’t ready or something else slows you down. Better to leave a little buffer and end up ahead of schedule, and this should leave you time for that unless your traveling party likes to linger over their meal.