Cheer & Dance Worlds Impact?

Just a couple days away from our trip! I haven’t been to WDW in over a decade and I’m psyched.

We’ll be in the parks Sunday the 24th through Wednesday the 27th. There’s some overlap with the Cheer & Dance World Championships at the ESPN complex. Does anyone have experience to share about how much, and in what ways, this event affects theme park experience?

We were there last year at this time. Didn’t really notice anything except a few large random groups of cheerleaders. Don’t worry - big groups move slowwwwwly so easy to bypass them.


Glad to hear it! Thanks for your experience!

We get to WDW tomorrow. A team that won last year was on our plane to Orlando and the plane ride was good. We met a crew that were former competitors going to cheer them on. They said this is like the superbowl for cheerleaders. The captain of the plane announced the team when we landed and the passengers clapped for the squad’s past efforts and wished them well for this event.

It should be like Pop Warner events.


Bringing this thread back to life. We’ll be there during the college cheer/dance event on MLK weekend. Anyone have insight on what to expect?

We were around during a cheer competition in May. We saw a lot of cheerleaders at our resort and some in the parks. They didn’t really cause a problem at the resort, other than a busy food court at POR. In the parks, we only saw one group who wouldn’t stay out of the “street” in MK when the CM’s told them to clear out for a parade. They were too busy trying to get photos. Lines weren’t too bad, but we also didn’t go a holiday weekend.

I have been several times for high school cheer nationals. It seems that most of your cheer teams are in your value resorts with a heavy emphasis on All-Star Sports. There are LOTS of cheerleaders everywhere in that resort! It does make that resort and food court pretty crowded but I’ve not ever seen any issues with the groups and most of them are well-behaved because they are representing their school. I have never noticed a problem maneuvering in the parks during the competition weekends. One thing to remember is that they really stay busy with the competition aspect of their time there. They spend most of their time practicing at their resort or competing at ESPN Wide World of Sports. Most of the teams have very limited time to actually go to the parks. I don’t think you’ll have any issues.