Cheer Championship TP Effect

I’ll be with my family at WDW from Feb 5-11, and the high school cheer championships look like they will be happening Fri-Sun of my stay. I read the notes in TP about the championships, and how they add people in the park in the afternoons/evenings, so we will be planning early days throughout the stay.

What time do the high schoolers start descending onto the parks? I’d like to build in breaks and add wait times to attractions in my TP to account for the late day additions. Also, is there much of an effect plus or minus a few days from the competition?


The effects of events like this are taken into account in the Wait Time and Crowd Level predictions, so you do not need to adjust your TPs.

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Thanks, I didn’t realize it could distinguish between morning and afternoon crowds. Much appreciated!

Just a reminder to “evaluate” your personalized plans before you leave.
When you’re in the park and things go way off “optimize” your plan in the app it will change the order.

FWIW - I was there during college competition last year and what everyone said held true for us. Not a lot of cheerleaders in the park because they are so busy with the comp. Mostly just saw smaller groups in the evenings toward the end of the comp.