Checklist & Tips for securing a Boarding Group for ROTR

What can we do for ya? :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s actually Michael. Michael Jordan. The Runner


Traditional Standby Queue, no Virtual Queue starting September 23. Check the app/MDE for the latest information and current status by searching for “rise”.


Thank you for everything you have done to help forum users (posters and lurkers) get boarding passes.


Wasn’t the runner named Michael Johnson? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hush child…


(Does anyone here know about my “hush child” moment on chat???)

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Noooo, tell us!

Negatory :grimacing:

The details are a little fuzzy.

But some yahoo was losing their ever loving mind over something.

We went back and forth some, they were trying to intimidate me.

I eventually just replied “Hush child”, dropped the mic and walked away.

You can imagine how that went :laughing:


That’s when you left us for the forum :joy:

Are you saying that because you remember it?

I actually came to forum on day 1. I was very excited to have an environment that was a lot more user-friendly and also familiar from other message board experiences I’d had previously

I actually had the idea for the daily thread and started it way back at the beginning. @BGK took over starting it daily once it moved to La Cava section of the board. And then life got busy and I didn’t visit the daily all that often any more.

But my departure from chat had more to do with the forum being my format of choice than anything.

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Here is the very first, original, Daily Thread:


Yes I remember you posting a lot on chat and the hush child and then it was like “I guess she just disappeared” and then I found you over here and was like “ooooooooh there she is” and now here we are.


That’s cool that you remember it! :smiley:

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You’re one if the few people who would just absolutely shut the yahoos down. Memorable. There’s a newish one over there now. They could use an OB’n.

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Why thank you for that compliment!

Do you remember the time someone asked how to get to ?Frozen and I suggested they “walk with purpose”? It was a known phrase (and still is, I think) but the person I said it to did NOT appreciate my (hilarious) suggestion and went out of their minds.

Or the time someone was complaining that the people behind them on the safari truck were talking about something not related to WDW and they found it to be rude and inconsiderate and that people should not talk on rides. And I told them to turn their hearing aid down and shut up already.


Those were a few of my favorite shut-it-down moments (although the walk with purpose was just funny)




Hush child.

You know that’s one of your favorite moments of mine :wink:

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