Checklist/Tips for securing a Boarding Group for RotR

Starting this Sunday Dec 20th, the second VQ drop time will change from 2pm to 1pm.

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We have a group of 10. So just want to clarify something - on the actual days when we all have the park pass/ticket - and I (hopefully!) get to the third screen where I select my party - will that blue Join button be visible without having to scroll down? With 10 people that should be already automatically selected - will the Join button be sitting on top or will I have to scroll down to be able to see it and click? (I understand at that step I need to click Join even if I’m the only one shown selected and deal with adding others later, but just wondering where that button will be with such a large group!)

I believe that blue button should still be at the top, let me know how it works out.

Thank you!

I’m going tomorrow and practiced for the first time this am, before really reading all of these posts.

I got the select party screen, and realized I had 4 people still on my MDE from a trip 2 years ago, so I have since deleted them from my list.

To clarify, now that I only have my family of 4 in my MDE friends/family list, and we all have tickets and reservations tomorrow, will all 4 of us be automatically selected? Is that one of the updates people are referencing? Or regardless you’re saying just skip that step and go right to join even if only I am selected?

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Correct correct!

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It worked we got boarding group 10! We are staying off property with absolutely terrible signal so I was pretty concerned, but drove into a gas station parking lot, turned phone off and on 5 minutes before, loaded the page once, went back and then at 65959 pressed join. Thanks everyone!


Great! The crazy things we do to get a BG :man_shrugging:


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Thanks for the tips and collating them into the pdf at the top of this topic.

I was wondering if you should add a footnote or a separate step after the screen captures about seeing a CM after securing your BG if some members did not get included in your party.

Just to reassure people that their focus has to be on tapping screens and it can all be fixed after the BG is obtained.

Your welcome. Yes I should. I know this has been discussed but better to have it all in one place so details don’t get missed. There was something else I wanted to tweak also. Thanks for the input! Always appreciated.

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PDF updated on original post, Happy New Year Liners! Time for pork and sauerkraut. :yum:


What’s the largest party size that’s been successful? We’re going as a party of 17 in April and I want to be realistic in my expectations, and also figure out a contingency plan if each family should try on their own.

I found this:
This is older info but may help. All party members are now automatically selected so that is a big improvement in your case.

Anecdote–We got BG 3 and 1 on Dec 27 and 30, respectively. 4 people from Pop room. 2 iPhone 8, 1 iPhone XR, 1 Galaxy s20 ultra. iPhone 8 on cell got BG 3, while my attempt that morning failed due to wifi hangup. For the next attempt, 3 of us stayed on cell and the Galaxy on cell got BG 1. I’ll list some factors below, but I suspect it really just comes down to watching a reliable clock and being lucky. I did check the speeds after the Dec 30 attempt for fun and cell was really, really slow (2-3 Mbps).

Use on a separate device
Click Join from main page at 7:00:00
2 people on wifi, 2 on cell

Did not bother to:
Check wifi or cell speed
Make attempt to find place with best signal
Practice, although I did read about the process
Align Join buttons
Turn off/on phones or even the app
Adjust notification settings
Any other heroic measures, really


Nice, thank you for sharing! Hopefully most people are able to get a BG now, I hated to hear the horror stories from back in the fall.

You’re right, the most important thing is multiple people attempting and watching the clock count down.

Curious, did you arrive at the park extra early? If so, what were you able to rope drop prior to RotR?

Not extra early, no. We arrived about 10 minutes before opening the first day and about 10 minutes after opening the second. The first day we rode SDD (didn’t open until 9:20 because of tech issues) and MFSR and arrived to RotR with 5 minutes to spare at the end of our window, which was 9:30-10:30. MFSR was a mistake, in hindsight, because that was its longest wait time of the day, but no big deal really.

The second time we started with ToT and RNRC and again barely made our window. We almost messed up because we assumed it would be from 9:30-10:30 like before, but it was 9-10 this day. Glad we checked the time.

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Yes, even with a party of 10 people the join button was still shown on the bottom of the screen without having to scroll down. We got BG 2 our first day at HS and we also visited HS last day of our trip and got BG 9 then! There were three of us in our party trying, me on iPhone 11 -Verizon, WiFi on but not on Disney (stayed at POP) and one on iPhone 12 and another on iPhone 8. I started from the main page and used your tips provided, ( clock and clicked join at 6:59:59 both days). The other two in our group were already on the next page and just kept refreshing, so in our experience we recommend starting at first page. I did click join once before at like 6:55 or so and backed back out, and I also checked my F&F list beforehand each day just to make sure everyone was still linked. It automatically selected all of us.
With BG 2 we arrived at HS about 8:40 - rode SDD and then ROtR. Second visit with BG 9 we arrived again about 8:45 rode ToT and it broke down to just one side of the building running while we were almost on, so it delayed us. Our window closed at 9:40 and we made a mad dash all the way across the park and arrived at RotR about 9:45, but no issues at all.
Thanks so much for the tips and advice!


Thanks for checking back in! I’m happy to be of any help. I’m glad you had successful days with your large group! :grin:

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When I was there in October, we failed at the first drop (2 of us, both tried) but were successful at the 2pm drop (only I tried). Guest services told me at the time that it’s better that only one of us try instead of multiple people b/c you can block each other out or hang it up. But then I read people’s posts about multiple people trying in a party and having success! So I don’t know what the best strategy is! I’m going the first week of February with a group of 4 and I’m so nervous to do this all again. Typically it’s just my hubby and I so this is my first time with 4 people, and the other 2 people haven’t ridden Rise before. I want them to experience it so badly! Should all 4 of us try? Only 2 of us? I don’t know what to do!

Guest services will always say that just in the rare case that their system gets overloaded. At least 2 should try.

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