Checklist for securing a Boarding Group for RotR

I’ve been working on organizing instructions to help you all secure a boarding group for RotR on your next trip to HS. Based on Liners’ comments and advice, this can be helpful for successfully snagging a BG. Here is an image, and below is a PDF for better viewing and printing. As always, let me know if something is inaccurate or if anything changes and I will update as needed.

ROTR BG checklist.pdf (263.1 KB)


Very helpful, thank you! Well, my DS, DH, and DSiL thank you.

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This morning I practiced and screen recorded my successful BG attempt using cellular data (good signal, 90 Mbps download speed). I could not post the recording directly, but here is a Google Drive link to the 10 second real time video:

ETA: This is how it looks if you fail:


Can anyone tell me if I have to make sure my niece is not selected when reserving a boarding group? She is under 3 and therefore not a ticket holder.

Hello! Thanks for doing this! I clicked on your link and got a message saying the file was unavailable. Would love to see it if possible!

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This is great. I was just working up the nerve to start a post asking the best way to do this.:smiley:
So excited to practice.

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Just an extra note. You do not need to have a ticket in order to practice.

Also, after your DW trip, please report to: Poll Time! RotR BG Success Rate? and post your results after attempting to get BG’s!


You shouldn’t have to do anything. We have a 2 YO and I didn’t have an issue with the app’s auto-select/her MDE profile/getting the BG.