Checking out alternative FP options, after booking

Is there any way of checking to see if there’s an earlier option for one of the fast passes I chose - I got FPes for Kali River Rapids on 3/23 for 3:10 - but now I’m thinking we might want to leave AK earlier, since we have a 5:30 reservation at Mickey’s BBQ in Ft. Wilderness…

Since we have 3 Fps for that day, it looks like I’d have to cancel this reservation before I can even check to see if there’s an earlier one available. I don’t want to lose this unnecessarily. Any advice?

I can think of two ways.

  1. The lines app has Fastpass availability. I’d assume it’s on the touring plans site somewhere. Yes, only 30 days out tho:

  2. Use the Modify option on the MDE site. I’m not sure if the site is intuitive enough to not show you FP times for a diff attraction if you already have a fp scheduled at that same time frame. SO, you can select MODIFY for your KRR fastpass, and check times, OR, if it doesn’t seem to offer you earlier times, and it looks like it’s because you already have OTHER fastpasses at those times, maybe go into one of the earlier fastpasses, and hit modify. See if it shows you any KRR fastpasses.

Thanks. I was able to make the changes, by choosing modify, selecting the group, and then it showed some earlier options.