Checking luggage on ME?

What had everyone’s experience been with checking luggage for ME? I’ve heard a lot of people say not do it because it takes a while to get it. We’re not doing any parks arrival day but will do Monorail, pool and DS. I’d definitely put bathing suits in carry-on. Is it worth the wait or just bring all bags yourself?

If you can have everything you need for your first day in your carry on…it is absolutely worth it.

Basically you drop your luggage at the airport you are leaving from and don’t have to worry about it until it arrives in your room. Every time we have used ME it arrives that day a couple of hours (at the worst) after we check in.

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I am NOT going to check my bags with ME because I am arriving at MCO at 7:20pm, and based on much research, I know my bags are going to arrive at my hotel room quite late. I know I could pack essentials in my carry on, but I don’t like the idea of having to stay up late waiting for my bags to be delivered to my room. If I were confident that I could get my bags before 11pm, I’d love the convenience but I am not counting on it.

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Our last trip our flight arrived around 1pm, we checked in, hit the parks, and came back to bags in our room. It was great!

This time our flight isn’t arriving until 9:30pm, so we’ll pick them up and bring on ME with us.

No big deal either way, but if I didn’t have a late flight, I’d definitely let Disney get my bag from plane to hotel room.

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My cut off is 3pm. If my light arrives 3 or later, I grab my bags myself.

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Makes sense. We have a morning flight.