Checking in without DME

I’m nearly at eight weeks to go, so naturally I’m panicking that there’s not enough time to prepare.

I’ll be arriving at the Contemporary under my own steam at about 11am. If I check-in online, is there anything else to do other than to drop my bags off? Will the bags magically be taken to my room once the room number is made available? Will my magic band magically know my room number and just let me in if I walk there direct without going via “Reception”? Is “Reception” even a thing?

If you’re dropping your bags at Bell Services, then you’ll need to call them when you’re in your room for them to bring them up to you.

Only Magical Express can take them direct to your room without you being there.

And if you want your complimentary magic band you’ll need to collect that at Reception.

And the room ready text may not arrive. Disney have a problem with U.K. mobile numbers (did you notice you have to fiddle it to get the system to accept it?), so you may well need to go to Reception to get your room number anyway.


MDE may show your room number and we did get an email last time, though not a text.