Checking in with ticket the first day

That’s odd.

This is what I’m recalling: 2013 we bought AFS tickets at SOG - they’re activated there.

2015 we had to activate at Guest Services.

Maybe because a SOG person wasn’t knowledgeable? I had always assumed it was the software.

We did buy at SOG in 2017 as well. I’m not recalling what we did about activation. That was a last minute Thanksgiving week trip. Very much a blur. Oh, I know why I don’t remember arriving. We had family driving in from two places while my grandniece and I came up from Miami on the train. Some family arrived early enough to meet us at the train station.

Very weird trip. Fun, but weird.


It wasn’t that way years ago. We have bought all 6 at SOG and had them activated there.

Last 2 trips we’ve bought AFS tickets here in MO and activated at Guest Services. This year’s tickets will be the same. Probably activate at AK as that is currently our first day.

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I don’t know why I didn’t think to share the most comprehensive military disney site: :woman_facepalming:


I’m looking forward to our December trip. I notice that Steve’s recent activation how-to is dated February 2020.
We’re holding the card stock vouchers as pictured.
Tip: I take picture or make copies of the back of the tickets when I receive the tickets. And store that copy separately.

Also, when we’ve received plastic cards such as WDW issues, they were the slightly discounted regular military tickets which are ordered from WDW and don’t need to be activated.

I already assigned our card stock paper tickets to each family member in MDE - tho they’re not activated. There’s even a representation of the ticket. Making me wonder if I need to make note of the numbers any more.

I’ll still bring them to Guest Services, tho!

@ppehap, thanks for sharing.

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You can go to guest services or a ticket window. Right now ticket windows don’t have lines, but Guest Serv. do :wink: Unless you’re going to do it the night before in Disney Springs. Have fun in Dec!

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Resurrecting this thread, @craigmcd, with the news from Military Disney Tips that some 200 to 300 AFS tickets were voided by Disney, accidentally.

Steve, from MDT, was contacted by his base ticket office to come in for unvoided tickets.

He suggests checking in MDE to verify your tickets are still there.

So far, ours are. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you. We are on day 4 of 5 in the parks Had no problem activating our military tickets last Saturday at Disney Springs.