Checking in 6/26. What date/time can I start FP+ reservations?

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I am new here and have a trip to Disney World in late June. I have a ton of questions, but will start with a very basic one:

If I check in on 6/26/15, what is the date and time I should be online and ready to book my FP+ attraction reservations?

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Welcome!! If staying at one of the Disney resorts, you are able to make FPP’s 60 days out from arrival, which for you would be April 27th. That means the night of April 26th, at either midnight, or regular MK park closing time (whichever is later), you should be ready to hop on and make your reservations. If staying on site, you will be able to book your entire trip’s worth of FPP’s (up to the number of days of park tickets that you have) all in one sitting.

If you’re staying offsite, then it’s slightly different. You will be able to make your FPP’s 30 days out at midnight, but only for the day that’s 30 days away from the day you want the FPP’s for. That means that each night, you’ll have to stay up and book them, for one day at a time.

Hope that makes sense, let us know if you’re staying onsite or offsite and then that’ll help narrow down which option applies to you :smile:


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Here’s a little planning calculator that I ran across (probably somewhere here on TP) to let you know on what days to make reservations:


Thank you both, and sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, we are staying at the Beach Club Villas.

I was able to log-in at midnight Monday April 26th and get everything I wanted. I had another member of my “Friends and Family” on at the same time. Our strategy was to work backwards from the last day of our trip. We each were responsible for three days, and we each had a list of the attractions we wanted. Worked perfectly.

Anyway, thanks for the information and the link to the calculator.

Rod in NY