Checking FPP availability frustration

I am trying to see if moving my FPP selections slightly earlier for my Epcot day is a possibilty. I have SE for 5:30 and Character spot for 6:30. I am able to see that SE has earlier slots. But (I’m assuming do to the fact that I already have it booked) Character spot comes up as no more available for that day. I know that there are some left at least according to TP website. Plus I can’t imagine that they are completely gone. Is there anyway around this so I can see what’s available?

Touring plan website is not really the best way to tell availability. It only checks part of one and is a snap shot in time. Character spot is a high demand tier 2 FP and it is very likely there truly are none left. What day? I can check with my AP for you.

Looking at 8/18. Thanks!

We would be a party of 6 also so maybe that’s why it’s saying none available.

Try breaking your group up into smaller parties. Overlapping times 2-3 in each group. I can only check for party of 1 but it looks pretty limited.

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Ok thanks! Appreciate you looking!