Check-in time strategy

I was looking at the online check-in feature and it asks for an expected arrival time.

My plan is to arrive at the Poly at about 10.30am to drop off my bags and have breakfast. The schedule doesn’t really allow time for going to the room (which is unlikely to available at that time anyway). The plan is to return to the Poly at about 5.30pm after some time in MK.

At first I thought I’d put 10.30am — you never know, the room might be ready and it would be fun to have a quick look. But then I thought, if I put an early time they might prioritise room availability over my specific room request.

What would you do?

I’d put a later time.

Given that rooms are generally assigned 3-5 days ahead of time, I think the only time that an early arrival time might come into play is if you check the “Early Arrival is most important” (or whatever the phrasing is) on the online check-in form.

In February, I put my arrival as 8:30am (when my original flight was scheduled) but left that early arrival box unchecked. I got there about 8:00 (I was in Orlando the night before due to a predicted storm in the NYC area so I hopped over to MCO and got on DME once I was awake and ready to go) and my room was already ready in spite of not checking that box. And it was all of 2 doors down from my requested number - but it met all my requests (3rd floor, Sports).

So as long as you don’t check that box, I think it’s fine to put in your expected arrival time as-is.

I have never received a text for Poly until after going to the desk. I would put the 10:30 time.

As a regular poster here I respect your view, so I’ll do that!

As a regular poster here I respect your view, so I’ll do that!

Oh. Wait.


Haha! I’ve only stayed on site once. Listen to @PrincipalTinker.

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I have to warn you, I have been very, very annoyed at the check in line at the Poly. I have had stays were I was able to walk right up and stays where the line approached an hour (so very annoyed).

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Why do you need it if you check in online?

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You’ll need it to pick up your magic band.

I can do that any time. I have my MB from last year, plus the one they sent to my house in FL for my throwaway room.

The last three times I did online check in I was told, “we like to personally talk to all guests as they arrive “. One stay CL, I have to check in at the lobby and at the CL desk. My last check in DVC, resort guests all in the same line. Do the online check in just in case they get their act together .

My understanding is that in theory I’d never need to go to the front desk. Check-in online, drop bags at bell services, get room e-mail, use MB to enter room, call bell services.

I can pick up my MB (which, as I said, I don’t need) at half past one in the morning when I get back from DAH. Presumably no long lines then!

I have not had to go to the front desk at any other resort. I have not been to the Poly this year but my other stays they have said they want all guests to go to the desk to make sure everything is ok. Poly is the only resort I have had this happen.

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“No. It’s not. You made me wait in line for an hour for no reason.”

If all goes to plan, I’ll end up with three MBs this year — one red, one purple, one orange — plus the Mickey one I bought last year.

How far in advance do you usually do online check-in? I have my room request faxes set up.

These days you can do it right away. I always save it to do between FP and MB shipping (around 45 days). Do it now!

Done! For Poly and YC.

I put 10.30am for the Poly reservation as I will actually be in the hotel at that time for my breakfast ADR. And 2.30pm for YC, which is the earliest I’m likely to actually get there.

Faxes set up.

Fingers crossed!


I also asked on chat if anyone has checked into Poly recently.

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Paging @OBNurseNH to the thread.

Obviously checked in in April. Arrived at resort at 11:09 per time stamps. Explored a bit, had lunch. While lunching, received room ready text at 12:04. Finished lunch and went directly to room.

Had done the bare minimum for online check in so as to prevent conflict with TP room fax. Never even so much looked at desk, didn’t consider approaching, had zero discussions with hotel CM concerning room assignment or check-in. Luggage was in room before us, GG was ready and brought to us a few minutes after we arrived in room and called.

This was a timely conversation.

My son and I are arriving late morning on the 15th next month (dependent on the AutoTrain arrival time) and my daughter is joining us later, arriving on MDE, probably around 1am-ish (actually on the 16th).

The DME paperwork arrived yesterday and all three of us are listed on it. I didn’t notice when I did on-line check in earlier this week that there wasn’t an option to enter our arrival time (and wouldn’t have known I should be able to if it wasn’t for these posts!).

Basically, Pop Century thinks we are arriving more than 14 hours later than we are.

I’ve got my TA working on it…part of the reason why I love using a TA even when I could easily plan everything on my own. :slight_smile: