Check in: How are all my June 22 people doing?

I’m sure the resemblance totally fooled the CM

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Trickster for sure.

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I was able to book this afternoon after cancelling all the park reservations I made yesterday and starting over with holding the day we were ticketed for MNSSHP last.


Well, that’s a triumph over Disney MDE – Congrats!!!

Thanks to everyone here. I NEVER would have been able to book that on my own without all the awesome advice.


I’m on the same page as you. My TA has to add my tickets tomorrow before I make my APRs tomorrow… or the next day. My trip is not until April so not nervous, yet. I double checked my plan last night and don’t see any changes I would want to make at this time…except crossed out a hopeful BOG PPO. Oh well.

Good choice on BC as a backup plan. Keep us posted tomorrow please.

By plans do you mean picking which park to go to each day for the Park Reservation?

It feels strange having to pick which park I want to go to on which day a full year in advance… especially not even knowing if Park Hopping will be a thing, among so many other unknowns.

By plans, I meant I planned out what I thought I would want our vacation to look like before deciding on resort. I’m a nerd! The difficult part is not knowing what things will look like next spring. Will they bring back FP, boarding groups for HS, etc.

Staying at GD, I think it would be harder to pick where you go when. Since we are booked at YC, we will start out at EP and end with HS with MK, AK and another HS day in between.

We haven’t park hopped yet, and I tried to make plans to hop, but was fine just sticking with 1 park a day.

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Are you switching resorts? I am there in October as well, I have not seen an opening date for them yet.

The information released on 6/21 said they do not have an opening date at this time and guests can call to get help in making changes.

@OBNurseNH I did not see that we had to call for changes. Was there a time limit or can we wait for the craziness to die down?

If you have time I suppose there’s no rush.

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For us, we got everything we wanted in terms of parks - 8 park days (four x 2). It required 1.5 hours of patience but it all worked out!!

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Still not fixed. I think I know the problem but it requires IT to fix. Was on hold for 2 1/2 hours then they disconnected. Then I was waiting for 2 hours for chat, walked away for 2 minutes, they responded but then closed it out because I didn’t respond (ugh). Tried chat again and after 45 min got an answer - call IT. Going on 3 hours on hold now, hoping I get through. If not, I’m giving up and will just try going to guest relations when we are down there for our July trip (the issue is with December trip so not urgent, just want to get it done).
Glad everyone else has had better success!


I’m so sorry it hasn’t worked for you yet.
Don’t give up on IT after hours, they didn’t pick up until after 11 for us last night, I thought for sure no one would answer since it was so late but it seems they went through the queue that was in line before phone lines closed.

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5 hours and still no where. CM was super nice and understanding. He couldn’t fix it so it is being sent to an escalation team. He genuinely felt bad he couldn’t help. He also said a software updating is going in at midnight that might fix it and to just check in the morning.

Oh noooo! They are going to break it worse?!?!


Yikes. What a mess. When Disney IT says “update the system” all we hear is “Cause additional glitches” :sob:

Its currently 6:45 am CST Ill let yall know how today goes for me- resort only booked for 2021. Hoping for park tickets, park reservations and get backup trip Pricing for a different resort in June 2021. :crossed_fingers:


As much as we all know Disney IT is a total mess much of the time, and the launch on Monday of the Park Pass System seemed like a disaster, I will say this as a professional software engineer…that what Disney managed to accomplish in a very amount of time IS still impressive.

The kind of system they launched with just a couple months of development is something that generally should take closer to a year in development, with months of testing ahead of time. But they didn’t have that much time. Just the development time to get a system operational at any capacity was impressive…but unfortunately, it left very little time for doing robust testing. As a result, the guests became the guinea pigs.

In a way, this worked out. They found the bugs probably WAY faster this way than internal testing could have, because of all the weird corner cases they might not have thought of to test regardless. Of course, this led them on a mad-dash chase for bugs live and in real-time as users flooded the system.

And, truth is, the fact that they resolved a huge number of the initial issues within 24 hours is still an admirable feat.

Of course, I’m not suggesting we start a love-fest for Disney IT. But I also think it is worth recognizing the hard work that was going on behind the scenes, even if it was flawed.


Logged in this morning and they worked their magic and I now have all of my park reservations and all of DH’s park reservations. So, it seems that the update did fix most of the issues.