Check in: How are all my June 22 people doing?

I have Resort-only booked for 2021, so my day to get Park Tickets is tomorrow, but I was following along on the Park Res System Thread with you guys that were trying to book on Monday 6/22 and it stressed me out just reading your frustration. How’s everyone feeling today? :slight_smile: Did your reservations get sorted out?

I’m all sorted for park ressies

I need to call to update my Resort for October (POFQ) but I worked all day so I had to wait. I have to help my son with something and will try after.

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So glad. I saw you had to give up and head to work and try again. That will probably be me tomorrow! Although since I’m 2021, I’m not too worried about being the first in tomorrow morning.

SO nice of you to think of us!

My sense is the the substantial majority benefited from Disney IT fixing glitches or awesome insight from @Nickysyme which allowed some to tweak things on their own, but some of our dear Liner friends are still facing obstacles. I hope they get fixed today – there is still substantial availability before things become tough

Good luck tomorrow!! I have been thinking about whether to buy tickets for 2021 my April and May 2021 reservations – or to renew my AP though I’m not sure how to so far ahead of expiration – but I’m holding off for now.


I’m kinda wishing I would have gotten knocked out yesterday and woke up today since everything is still available and the site is functioning fine now. It was a rough go of it yesterday


If only we had a crystal ball!

Speaking of crystal balls… I am booked at Gran Destino Club level for June 2021 and am wondering if I should book a second resort as a backup, pretending Club level doesn’t exist. I dont plan to stay at Gran Destino if Club Level still is a thing… I am trying to relax, but like many of you, the unknown is driving me crazy.


Yeah, so…

They have closed the call queue for agents :flushed:

What does that mean? TAs cant call in to book packages anymore? Or just for Park reservations?

TAs can’t call in at all for anything right now

Good to know! Thank you! Mine planned to add park tickets to my resort only reservation tomorrow morning… I suppose I’ll be calling myself now! Which isn’t an issue, but glad you got that information and shared it :slight_smile: Is calling the only way to get park tickets this far out for 2021 bookings?

If you have a TA only your TA can make changes to your package.

Aw crap.

Better to know before you call and wait on hold for forever only to be told only your TA can call

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I would book a back up! Just to have, you can always cancel As it gets closer.

Edit to add— watching people now who had club are getting money back, maybe moving to the DVC side if available. So if you don’t have a back up might only be able to stay there with money back.

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Ain’t nobody got time for that. :wink:

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Exactly. I’m thinking we’ll book Beach Club as our back up so that if we don’t have club level… at least we have Beach Club :slight_smile: Win/Win

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We got all our park reservations, and as of a short while ago, my son’s resort was successfully changed to pop. So we are ready to go!


Hooray! So did he end up having to call to change the resort? I saw earlier where a CM told you to wait for an email…then errr, never mind go ahead and call. :crazy_face:

Yay for your family!

I called, pretending to be my son. :slight_smile: