Check in here...if you have a non DVC reservation post park opening

I am curious as to who has reservations at non DVC resorts after July 15?

We (party of seven) have two rooms booked at Pop Century, and one at Port Orleans second week of August.

KTP is reporting that they are still saying no non DVC resorts will open before the end of 2020. I thought this couldn’t be due to the fact that employees were called back to Pop…but someone pointed out that just because they are calling back workers from those locations does NOT mean they will be actually assigned to working in that location.

So this would mean Disney still has to move guests…but has anyone been moved yet who is in one of these non DVC rooms after the parks open?

Is it August?

Sorry. I typed April. Meant August. Stupid thumbs. I will fix it!

We are at AKL the week after Thanksgiving. So far no one with DEPARTURES after 7/11 has been moved that I know of.
I thought I heard @len say in the live stream yesterday that he knew someone personally that was just straight up cancelled from their non dvc booking.

Seems weird that they would do that while allowing us to order MagicBands.

The reports are crazy and all over the place. There are a few reports of people being told they have to change to a dvc resort at full price.

When does Disney IT ever make sense?
Stop using logic, lol!!

I have heard this…although I wondered if it was misunderstanding, because they didn’t accept the original offer which would have been free.

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Kenny is quite reputable. As is the Dis.

Based on that I don’t think nonDVC is opening before 2021 :woman_shrugging:t2:

I trust Kenny. Not sure I trust the Cast Members he spoke to!

But if the report is correct, it seems guests should be hearing soon.

I guess I mean that I don’t think he (or the Dis) would risk their reputation if they didn’t have very strong resources to support such a bold statement.

Has @len said anything about this??

I’m at Pop late August. I intend to change tickets from PH+ to standard. I’m hoping they don’t say the change cancels the 35% discount in lieu of free dining.

No work from Disney other than the email we all got yesterday.

I’m YC, August 5-12. When my travel agent called me yesterday, she said she thought she was going to have to move us to a DVC but it wasn’t clear yet. (This is fine with me, as I would have stayed BCV but for the fact that we had a free dining plan with my bounceback.)

Since I had her on the phone, I let her know that I wasn’t 100% convinced we are going on this trip and it would really depend on how safe we feel and we may want to move to spring break. She did warn me that Disney has not been accommodating with the 35% off room discount if you move dates.

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We have two DVC res. Sept @ Jambo & Dec. @ Saratoga Spr
OPPS didn’t read carefully enough… you said NON-DVC… oh well Ha

Let’s clear this up.

If you have a resort reservation and Disney contact you, you will be moved for no charge, unless you want to change the dates from what you had or are offered.

If you contact Disney, then they will treat that as a modification and you will be charged for the upgrade, just like if you wanted to move from POP to the Poly.

It might be a bit sneaky of the CMs not to mention this, fair enough!

As far as I know, no one has yet been moved for a reservation starting after the parks open, except for those affected by the NBA / MLS.

Edited to correct for the Sports related moves.

Apparently a whole load of TA booked reservations were moved from the BC to the Poly. Not clear if it’s the Poly villas or regular rooms.


I have spoken to a TA friend, she has said they haven’t been told one way or the other.

At the moment they have not announced the next wave of resorts to open. But come late September there won’t be any DVC rooms to move people to. I think they will have to open some of the others then, if not before.

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We have reservations at ASMovies starting July 31-August 8. I haven’t heard anything from Disney. No emails about anything at all. When I check MDE, it still states my balance is due July 1. I have read on chat-or maybe here?- awhile back that guests have until 7 days prior to check-in to pay the balance or cancel instead of the usual 30 days. Does anyone have verification of this? I’m trying to hold out as long as possible before either paying in full or cancelling until I know three things:

  1. What parks I can reserve on which days (should find out Monday)
  2. What resort we will be transferred to
  3. What happens with the virus numbers over the next several weeks

I was told when I spoke to a CM yesterday that we have until 7 days before arrival to pay our package price.

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@eightyeightkeys wow, I’m very curious as to what happens to your resort ressie, and when they will contact you. I do know final payment isn’t until 7 days prior. However I would assume you should get a call from Disney asap. Maybe they will wait until you reserve park days on Monday, thinking that maybe if people aren’t able to get what they want they will cancel on their own, before trying to shuffle everyone around.

Keep us posted.

I have 9 nights at POFQ starting Aug 29 and I will not modify my hopper plus tix or make any changes in fear they would make me pay for the upgrade if they have to move me to DVC. Holding out and waiting…


Another CM told me they would start modifying all July reservations this Monday but I Haven’t seen that in writing yet.