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Sooooo we are staying off site the night before our first touring day at Disney and will be staying onsite the rest of our stay…
Question Check in is not until 3- If I do online check in can I use the magic bands (I am assuming they will send these to me before I get there) to enter the park at rope drop? I do not have to go to the hotel first right? Also when I go online to online check in It says this

Opting out of your new MagicBand may allow you to go directly to your room upon arrival. Just remember to bring an active MagicBand with you. then there is a box to check that says
I wish to decline new magic bands for my party

Do I check that??

I’m confused:worried:

You can go straight to the parks in the morning without checking into your hotel. You can use your Magic Bands at the park as long as you link them to your tickets beforehand. If you choose to have new Magic Bands mailed to you, they are automatically linked to your account. If you choose to use your existing Magic Bands, you will need to link them yourself.

See the below link for more on this question.


Only check this box if you already have Magic Bands in your possession or plan to order some from another retailer. For a first-timer, I recommend accepting Disney’s Magic Bands (DON’T check the box).


I suggest you only check that box if you have a MB and a spare. They are saying you can use the “unlock door” function of the app. It will NOT make your room ready earlier (go to edit arrival info and check “first available room” if that is important).


Thanks!! That’s what I thought but wasn’t sure!!

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