Check-in complete!

Thanks to the information I read in this forum, the check-in for our cruise went quick and smooth. I had everything ready to go and completed everything in under 18 minutes. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Boarding group 3 at 11:15, though I doubt that matters as we are using Disney transpo from WDW. But I’m glad to check one more thing off our list!

30 days til cruise but only 27 til WDW!


are you in a FB group already? did you sign up for FE? if this is you first Disney cruise just remember not to FOMO. And bring some extra old phones!

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Ummm FE? And no, I’m not in any FB cruise groups. This is my first Disney cruise but not my first cruise. And old phones? Holy cow, I feel so unprepared!! :grimacing:

If you have small children I suggest you find the FB groups for your cruise dates (search: Disney Fantasy April 22- 29 for example) and sign up. They do a type of “secret Santa” were you exchange gifts with other cabins using something called a “Fish Extender”. A FE is nothing more than a bag that hangs from a fish that is outside your door. The kids like it because you get little gifts, nothing fancy just the sort of Dollar Tree toys.

The FB groups are also useful to get hyped, learn about cancellations, and just get a feel of your cruise.

The old phones are useful to use the in-cruise messaging system. Older kids like messaging friends they meet.

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Oh! Yes, I’d heard about Fish Extenders and Pixie Dust, but my brain didn’t process the acronym. Lol

We are all adults (me, DH, DD20, and DS18) going to celebrate DS high school graduation. It sounds like we won’t need old phones as we’ll all just use our regular phones. Thanks for the tips, though! :blush:

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I’d skip FE too. The FB group I was in was much more extravagant than Dollar Tree (which is more along the lines of what I was thinking), and I would have felt bad that I stiffed our recipients had we done it. Also, there weren’t all that many cabins who actually did it on our cruise, much fewer than the FB group make you think.

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