Cheapskate NYE plans

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I need some extra minds/eyes on this cheap-o plan of mine. My family (8) along with some extended family (4) will be spending a week in the Orlando area over the New Year’s Eve holiday. My mom was really wanting to see the NYE fireworks - but, without the price tag for our group. I know of the balcony area at the Contemporary Resort being a nice viewing location. It is also my understanding that you are allowed to park at a resort if you have dining reservations there. You may also get by just stating that you “have plans” to dine at the resort. So, we were considering driving in and grabbing dinner or dessert in the resort and then making our way to the balcony in time for fireworks. However, I cannot find any dining reservations for us in the resort. I was wondering if the Contempo Cafe would be open – could we grab a bite there to get us in? Is there somewhere else we could park and possible ride the monorail there and back? Is this a terrible plan altogether?? Pertinent input is welcome, thanks.

Self-admitted cheapskate :woman_facepalming:

On high crowd days, like NYE, the gate guards will be very strict. You’re going to need a room key, or TS adr to get a car through that gate. Even if you get in the building, the balcony will be packed, and you may need a room key to get into that area. Same for the Poly beach.


If you aren’t opposed to paying to park at the normal MK parking lot, you could park there, then take the monorail to the CR or whatever location to watch the fireworks, then take the monorail back to leave. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about getting reservations…just will take a bit if extra time and the $26 (?) to park.

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:thinking: can fireworks be seen from MK parking?

Not very well, that I know of. You might consider going over to the Poly instead of trying to got into CR. You can see the fireworks from various locations on Poly property. You can actually walk to/from the Poly from the TTC as well, so you wouldn’t even need to access the monorail.

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This plan is unlikely to succeed as guests who have paid to stay onsite or to enjoy the table service locations will be prioritized for access and restrictions for all others will be incredibly tight.

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Understandable. So, it’s doubtful we could get in and go to the shops or cafe?

My grandfather wouldn’t be able to make the walk, but that’s good to know. Mom won’t do it if he can’t come - and he won’t give in and get a mobility scooter or anything. Maybe I can persuade him. Thanks!



It would be extremely time consuming, but you could always park at DS and take the resort bus. I don’t know about getting back to you car after the fireworks though.

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Yeah…not sure they would run a bus back to DS when it is so close to DS closing time.

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