Chat is down

Not sure how to notify someone.
@len @LaurelStewart


There is a major internet backbone issue right now. The main TP site is down, along with many other web services hosted by Amazon S3.

It is sad. Hipe it comes back soon. :sweat::cry:

Yes I’d heard the same about internet problems

Hopefully it will get sorted soon. Need my bedtime lines reading!

It’s back up and running!

It’s back up and running!!

Anybody else think it was just them? :X I was trying to use my Lines app (because I’m super cool and like to check line times while I’m over 40 days away from going to WDW) and it wouldn’t work. I kept thinking “I hope this doesn’t happen when I’m at the park! What if it does!? OMG!”

Glad that small freak out has been remedied. :slight_smile:

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