Chase Travel Portal to buy park Tickets

Does anyone have experience buying UOR tickets through the Chase travel portal?

We have about $1800 worth of points we can use to book travel. If we pull it out of the account its only worth about $1400. We don’t want to use the money to get hotel rooms, because the APH discount is better.

Through the travel portal, tickets for our dates were $381, which are about $294 in real world dollars. If we played with the dates, we could get tickets from Undercover Tourist for $308. If we did the same dates, UT tickets are $330.

Does anyone have experience getting tickets this way, and if they were a hassle to use? We have a short 3 day 2 night trip, and are looking to minimize any and all hassle we can. While we do want to save money, we need to worry more about time.