Chase Disney Visa Merchandise Discount on Refillable Mugs?

Does the Chase Disney Visa 10% discount on merchandise work in the resort gift shops? If so, would it work on the purchase of refillable mugs? Thanks!

I think the mugs are usually available in the QS restaurants and I have never had a Visa discount Work.

I’m curious, in addition to the original question, what ways people find to use the Disney Visa card discount best.

I applied and just received my Disney card about two weeks ago. We mostly did it to get the free $250 in gift cards after the first $500. The other benefit is that we keep having our main credit card information being hijacked and they have to re-issue us a new card. This has happened 5 times in the past 4 years, and it is annoying when we have auto-pay set up on several accounts to have to then go back and update them all YET AGAIN. So now we have one credit card JUST for automatic payments, and the Disney card for all other purchases. If the Disney card is somehow compromised, we just have to get a new one without worrying about updating anything!

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Since the rewards return on it are just OK compared to other cards, we mainly get the Disney Visa for the sign and referral bonuses. We figure with the no annual fee version the in park perks make it a “Why not?” as well.

We mainly use our Amex for rewards, (or whatever new card I’m trying to get a big bonus on) - but otherwise just use the Disney Visa at places that don’t take the Amex. Since the cheapest gas station near my office doesn’t like Amex, I use it there and rack up some decent rewards each year.

As for using the Visa in parks - I find it challenging to get the 10% discount on merchandise with it very often since you have to hit a $50 minimum at each purchase, which doesn’t happen very often for us. The only place I’ve been able to use the discount at dining is one Kona dinner.

So, I suppose the character meets may be the best in-park perk for us.

Also, if you didn’t know this trick already: you and your spouse can each get your own cards, and you can refer each other. So, if you refer your spouse you’ll get $100 referral rewards, plus they’ll get the $200 sign on.

You can get those bonuses every 24 months, so just keep round-robin-referring each other. Last year I cancelled my original card, used my wife’s referral to apply for another one a moment later, boom, rewards. Going to do the same with my wife’s this year after we request her current rewards.


Since we applied in August 2018, I figure we can cancel the card in August 2020, apply again and get the card in September 2020, which allows enough time to charge up the $500 to get the $250 gift card again. As long as I remember to do it! :slight_smile:

This is true. Our other card is a Driver’s Edge rewards that earns I believe 2% back toward the purchase/lease of a vehicle. We have benefited heavily from this in the past.


I just remembered this: When you do do the cancel-reapply, Be sure to give yourself a little extra window in time just in case Chase started counting your start date later than you thought they did.

Surprisingly, I found with Barclaycard, they started the countdown the second I was approved, regardless of whether I had the card in hand yet. (Which I think is unfair for the 3 month spend part of the deal. Took 2 weeks to get the cards!)

But, for Chase there was someone here on the forum that reported they missed the bonus on the card because they applied just short of 24 months from the last time - If I recall correctly, it may be because they were counting the months from getting the card, but when it comes to the bonus, Chase counted from the date they received the bonus.

Last year when I learned the 24 month trick, I had had my own card for several years so it wasn’t a factor.

But, this next time with my wife’s card I’m going to do it a month or two after she hits 24 months from the date she received her bonus.

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Ah! This is good to know. I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks a lot for the tips!

We are paying out of pocket for meals for our upcoming trip. Is there a good resource somewhere that will tell me which restaurants give the discounts for the Disney Visa card or do I just have to ask at each one?

Even though we know the rewards aren’t quite as much as we might get from another card, we don’t have any other reward cards so we use ours almost exclusively for rewards. We started paying most all of our monthly expenses with ours and will have about $700 in rewards to use for this upcoming trip. That will cover a large chunk of our food costs.

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They have a list of all the perks here:

Based on that list of “perks” for having the Disney Visa card, the ONLY perk we would possibly benefit from is the 20% off Joffrey’s, since my wife will want coffee each day. There isn’t a single other perk we’d use UNLESS we spend more than $50. We MIGHT do that if we do most of our shopping all at once at World of Disney in Disney Springs.

So, yeah. The real benefit is just the free Disney Gift card for signing up/spending $500.

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My wife goes thru this every trip. What we have found out:

  • You get the discount ($50 min purchase) @ World of Disney and MK Emporium (by this logic I would “imagine” it also applies to Mouse Gears but that’s just supposition)

  • You also get the discount ($50 min purchase) @ Art of Disney Epcot

the Card Terms are very obtuse and convoluted. If any one finds a clear concise list, please post it!