Chase card meet & greet

How much time should I allow for the chase card meet a d greets In epcot and Hollywood studios?

Not terribly long. At Epcot the first time we didn’t even have a wait. Last time we arrived between sets at Epcot so we waited maybe 10 or 15? DH had a slightly longer wait at HS but not more than 20

Thanks! That’s what I was hoping to hear! :blush: We have been to Disney before and have done all the characters and stuff but this time my kids who are 14 and 16 said no. I however put my foot down and said that I am paying for the trip so we will be having one family picture at each of the card spots. Lol!

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In my experience do not go the the Chase meet and greets at opening if you can avoid it. We hit the HS one perfectly last visit with no line and character waiting.

What is a Chase card meet and greet?

There are special character meets at HS and EP for Chase Disney Visa card holders. Not different characters than you would meet elsewhere, from what I understand, but potentially avoid the lines.

Ah. Okay. :slight_smile: Totally make sense. Should have been able to work that one out for myself. My only excuse…I haven’t finished my morning caffeine yet. :slight_smile:

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We’ve never waited longer than 10-15 minutes for either. Our trips have always been during Spring Break and Thanksgiving- for crowd reference.

And is it just one character at Epcot and one character at HS?

I wasn’t aware of this. As I just got a Chase Disney card (hopefully it arrives before my trip)…it is very exciting news. Does it say on the cardholder website where these locations are?

We had Mickey and Goofy together at Epcot and Kylo at HS as recently as October 2018

IME it’s always different. We had Mickey, Minnie, & Goofy one year in EPCOT. Provided the best photo ever.

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Kylo Ren might be cool enough, though.:wink:

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I wasn’t terribly impressed with the kylo ren meet. Chewbacca was pretty cool. He was not happy that my son was dressed as Darth Vader.