Charging to Room vs Charging on App?

When we traveled in the summer of 2018, dd was turning 17yo and I gave her charging priviledges to our room. She has her own MDE account that is linked to mine and was easily able to charge w/ her Magic Band when she needed to.

Now that there is more mobile ordering (we didn’t use it in '18) and a more integrated app on our phones how do we navigate what is charged where?

I will have a few loaded Disney Gift Cards to take care of the bulk of our spending money, and we have a split stay renting points at the Poly for 3 nights and 2 nights at AoA. While dd will buy her own souveniers, etc …I am picking up the tab for everything else.

Is there a way for dd to use mobile ordering with the app and still charge to the room, or does it have to go on a credit card linked to her app?

We still have our Magic Bands from 2018 and plan on using them so she can do that to charge to the room in general, but I want her to be able to use mobile ordering too. If she can’t charge mobile orders to the room we just need to figure out how to handle that.

You can either link a CC for mobile order charging or use a gift card.

You can’t store a gift card number, so many people are storing it in Notes and copy and paste it in to save time.


That is good news. I can definitely have her use the gift card.

This new system doesn’t seem very family friendly for those w/ older kiddos. You would think that Disney would want to make it easier to spend our money w/ them, not more difficult!