Charging to Magic Bands & Permissions

This is my first trip to WDW w/ Magic Bands and charging to them in the parks. We stayed one night at BC two years ago, but opted to pay for everything directly since it was such a short stay. All that to say, we were set up in MDE already…but I didn’t pay attention to the charging options.

Now, I’m headed down in 16 days and I’m thinking through who will be allowed to charge things to their bands other than myself. My son will be 12yo and he doesn’t need charging privileges, but I think I would like my dd (turning 17 while there) to have them.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to set this up on line. Do I do this in person? Call? What is the procedure?

I remember being able to set this up in MDE on the app last year. However, that was last year. It required that there be a pin, if I’m not mistaken. MDE has changed a lot since then. The only thing I couldn’t do was have a different payment method for each person’s MB. I think, but am not sure, that you can get GS to set that up. Sorry I’m not much help. Hopefully someone else knows.

Everyone has charging privileges automatically, but you have to give them the pin. You can get the front desk to bar your DS from charging, or you could just not give him the pin. You set the pin up in MDE.

I will say though that charging stuff, whether it was meals or souvenirs, was a lot of fun for my DS11. He was always with an adult so I didn’t have to worry about him running amok, not that he would have anyway.

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You need to set this up at the front desk. I’m not sure what the default is for children, no charging or all charging. But you can ask them to not allow charging so that even if they find out the pin they can’t use it!

You can also set a limit for individual bands. So DS9 could be set a limit of $40 and DD14 could be set a limit of $60.

If you have the dining plan, you need to know the pin to be able to use the credits. But they could then use all the snack credits in one day …! :joy:

We didn’t set it up at the front desk.

The pins are apparently already in existence according to MDE, but I don’t remember what they are 2 years later. It does note that they can be changed at the front desk.

It is good to know that I can set limits for individual bands. The 12yo would like to be able to buy his own stuff.

We have the summer meal deal w/ one QS per night…no snacks to use! :wink:

I don’t see any way to set limits on MDE at this point so I guess I’ll just wait until we arrive.


Are you meaning you didn’t have to set up charging or a pin at the front desk? Or were you able to disallow charging for some people and set limits online?

@minniemouse27 was asking about allowing one child to charge but not another. So whatever the default is (charge / no charge) for U18’s, that means changing one of them. That was what I was referring to. Maybe it wasn’t clear.

Sorry, didn’t have to set up charging privileges and pin at the front desk. I did the pin on MDE.

Limits you do need to do at front desk.

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I set ours up in MDE too. But once set, you have to have it changed at a front desk, even on your next trip! (ran into that just last week!!)

Really? There’s an option on MDE to change your pin.

This is what mine says…


Weird. Here’s mine.

Mine is the same - I think @DisneyBergh has it right that you can set it via MDE the first trip but if you need it changed later it has to be done at the front desk. I THINK we remember our pins from last trip, but I guess we’ll find out pretty fast when we try to pay for Le Cellier on day one… :grin:

I’ll be there in 16 days. I can find out more at the front desk.

perhaps its a British thing :wink:

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We’re only 15 days from the front desk, so I’ll beat you there! :sunglasses:

Overall I’m not worried - worst case it doesn’t work when we first use it & we break out a credit card and then get it fixed.

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I have the ability to reset mine, too.

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Or it could be a difference between the app on different OS.

They are rolling out versions of MDE, and things like transferring FPs are allowed on one and not allowed on another. I assume they have different teams working on upgrades for the different versions and not keeping in-step.

So it could be the ability to change a pin is a new feature, not yet universally available.

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I just went to look online, which tends to be the most versatile place to get things done, but Stitch ate the page!

So I went on the iOS app…there is a reset PIN link!! Yeah for progress!! (but it wasn’t available online a week ago, honest!!)

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Mine’s already been used on a trip, and as you can see I can change it.