Charging on two magic bands linked to same person

Is it possible for different people from other rooms to charge to just one room to share dining credits and incur a single credit card charge? These charges would be rare as mostly everyone will be together but sometimes not. The adult in the room we wish to make all charges to has multiple MBs. Could the adults use one of the extra MBs for charging meals, etc.?

To clarify (or cause confusion??), adult A in room 1 would give an extra MB from a past trip that is linked to adult A to adult B in room 2 who would then make charge on the extra MB to room 1 account? Adult B would actually wear their own magic band linked to tickets, FPP, and room key but pull out A’s extra magic band for buying things. Would this work?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just link B to the same charge card?

Definitely, but can’t access dining plan credits from the other room that way.

I believe that would work, you’d have to give them your pin though so you’d have to trust that they wouldn’t go on a spending spree with it because they’d be able to charge stuff as well as use dining credits.

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I wasn’t sure if the MB would be active if another was in use. It’s my DH so I kinda trust him :wink:

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Haha! You’re pretty safe then.

Yes all your MBs are active unless you have deactivated them in MDE.

You never know. I mean, for example, I buy myself Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds each week. It is my nightly ritual to eat them. (For me, it is the closest thing I have to having a nightcap, I suppose.)

Anyhow, every once in a while, I suspiciously find that an unopened package has already been opened with several of my chocolates now MISSING. My wife just plays dumb, but I know she’s up ta somethin’!


I may or may not have committed similar crimes :joy::joy::joy::joy: