Charging on Magic Band

So, about ready to do my online check-in and found I have a few questions I know the Liners can help me with! First, can you put more than one credit card on your room account-linked to magic bands? Second, do you have to give your kids PIN numbers? How does charging limits work with the young ones? Does the charges show up per guest? Anyone have experience paying off daily charges via gift cards (I was hoping to “load” each kids gift cards to their bands, but recently read on the Moms Panel that it doesn’t work like that) :frowning: Any answers, tips or advice welcome!

Yes, you can assign different cards to different bands, but you can’t do it in online check-in, it has to be done at the front desk. You do not have to give your kids charging privileges, but if you do, it will have to have a PIN assigned and will be subject to the same charging limits as every other band (a $500 max at Values, $1000 at Moderates, and $1500 at Deluxes). Keep in mind this is the limit for the room, not the individual band, and once you hit that limit, it may stop you from purchasing anything else on the band until you clear the balance to either the credit card on file, or pay with cash/gift cards. My DBF and I paid our room balance nightly with traveler’s cheques, but it would work the same way with gift cards. Just stop at the front desk and they’ll give you an itemized summary of what’s been charged to the room so you can review it before you pay it. It doesn’t take long.

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Do people actually spend more than $500 a day at Disney? That sounds incredible.

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Could you assign a band to a debit card? My kids have their own debit cards, so I could just have them use their bands instead of carrying their cards around as well. The cards are not credit cards, but they do have a Master Card logo.

I figure a family eating table service (without a dining plan) and picking up souvenirs could do so.

I guess for large families who pay out of pocket for character meals, it could be close to $500. There are 6 of us, and meals cost $59, plus tax and 18% tip required. Each meal would be around $450, if I’ve done my math right. Snacks and drinks here and there for that many people could bump it up to $500. YIKES! It sounds crazy when you think about it, and that’s not even for signature dining!

A meal for two at V&A’s can easily do that, yep.

I’m glad I bought a meal plan.

That $500 isn’t per day, it’s a running total. It just means that once you hit the limit (whether it’s in one day or five), that you may be limited from charging anything else until the balance gets charged out to credit card or paid with cash/cheque