Charge for prime delivery to resort?

Does anyone know if there are any resort charges for prime deliveries? My sister in law said she was told there would be s 6$ charge per delivery by the resort.

Yes, this was new in 2019, I believe.

Thanks just saw a video about it aslso

I think, for Prime, it’s only if you have them bring the stuff to your room - if you go pick it up yourself there’s no charge. That may have changed, though.

Oh sorry, that’s for Prime Now groceries - maybe not what you’re asking about.

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The charge is for delivery to your room. You can collect it yourself from Bell Services to avoid the charge, or meet the delivery person.

Are you asking about Prime or Prime Now? I think there was a charge for Prime (resort charge) and Prime Now was only for delivery to the room? One is handled as a package delivery, the other as a food delivery? Is that still the policy?

I believe so.

Its prime now food delivery

With Prime Now delivery will Pop Century automatically put the delivery in the refrigerator? Or do I need to request it? If I need to request it, hoe do I do that?

I was charged and I picked up my delivery from Bell Services. I was charged before I even arrived, in fact 2 charges because they sent my order in 2 boxes.

I didn’t think you got charged if you picked it up yourself, but at least sometimes you do. I’m not sure if the front desk could have reversed it, I didn’t ask. I probably should have since the first person at Bell Services was really rude and refused to go and look for my order, insisting that it would already be in my room when my room had literally been assigned less than 5 minutes before.

Ohhhh, this is what @PrincipalTinker was talking about then.

Some deliveries, maybe those that are delivered by “post” rather than courier are treated as packages and are charged for regardless.

Most grocery deliveries are delivered by courier and those are the ones that you only get charged if you ask Bell Services to deliver to your room.

Yes, Amazon Prime (packages) always get a fee. Amazon Prime Now is for groceries and follows the same fees as garden grocer.

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