Characters on TP

Those more familiar w/ character meets. How do you put the ones that are not official attractions in your TP?

How much time do you plan?

Also, I’ve been using Kenny the Pirate as my reference for meeting times and locations. Trip isn’t until January - do these times change often?

Depends on the meet and greet and what time we am seeing them as to how much time I plan. Maybe around 30- 45 minutes average.

Times can sometime change on Kenny’s site. He updates them every week. I start keeping a close eye on the times within a month of my trip.


My 2yo niece has not been quite taken over yet by all things Disney. So we are only going to dip our toes into the meets. Are there particular ones, in your experience, that stand out as ones that are either very time consuming or not to be missed?

I know it is all subjective, but any feedback is welcome!

Mickey is definitely a must. He seems to be busy at all 4 parks. If you want to see Mickey and Minnie together, AK is the only place to do that and you can get a FP. We liked Gaston and his line tends to be long. We got in line before his first meet. Goofy and Donald are also favorites and they are great no matter which location you choose. There are a lot we really liked, so for the most part you can’t really go wrong. The one we did not really care for though was Olaf. He was blah when we saw him, though we did get one of his coveted “signatures”.

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Could you please post a link to that ?


Awesome, thank you so much !!! :smiley:

The M&G with Anna & Elsa was by far the best one we had on our last trip. It was incredibly special!

We also had a super sweet interaction with Donald @ Tusker House. Shy DD4 gave him a kiss on the bill.

I would do a few characters she knows first & see how she likes it!

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I see it’s 10$ to have access. Is it worth it ? I mean, I don’t mind paying 10 bucks at all, just won’t bother unless we know the info it gives is accurate…

The info is accurate. It’s a great resource IMO.


Do you have to follow it in real time or can you plan in advance ? Sorry to pester you LOL

You can somewhat plan in advance for the characters. As I stated above, Disney can change times and I usually start keep track of any changes on a regular basis within a month of our trips. Kenny reports what he is given and is pretty accurate, but Disney can change things at the last minute.

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I just signed up and it does look super useful. Do you use it in browser on mobile ? I didn’t find an app so I assume that’s what I am supposed to do…

Yes. Use in browser on your phone.

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If you are on an iphone, go to it and then hit the little box w/ arrow at the bottom to add to your home screen. That creates a little “app” icon on your phone that you can click to access it directly. I think that is what the website refers to as the “web app”.

I’m guessing there is a way to do this on Android as well, just not familiar.

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